Warning # 3 – Not enough hours in a day! It’s here W31R – Ward 31 Radio


I am very proud to anounce that on December the 26th 2014 ready or not…I will launch Ward 31 Internet Radio. Been working on this for a long while. As of now we have 5 Hosts:
Exclusive Morgana Black
She is her own boss. Always right, a matter of fact that is
the beauty of her show. She’s right and you are WRONG!!!
Tune in to hear Ward 31’s Exclusive Morgana as she shares the tunes
that make opinions spin..

Henry Kane
Macabre Bedtime Stories
Detective mags, 70’s Horror/Aliens and Shadow People ooooh my!
Dim your surroundings and sit back, let your vivid imagination
of your inner mind take over, search for your soul, as you listen
to these creepy, prophetic, and eerie Sounds from the Beyond….

Tony X
WOLFPAK / Club Heretics

Ryan Mckern
Dethroned Intoxication

Adian Caine and The Grim

Killadelphia’s horror comedy show focusing on all things underground… 6 ft  underground! Featuring music, news and interviews from the dark alternative culture.

Eva O
Her Collection, from travels and encounters.
2015 more will be aboard the Ward. On “W31R” one of our goals is to bring a bit of all parts of the world to the listener. As many can be admitted that many can be fitted.

Ward 31 Radio is for the Audio Artist. This is words, sounds, music, noise and any other Artists manipulation with sound. It could be a beautiful song, it got be a subtle tone, it could be vulgar and angry, it could be plane dark. An artist should be able to have a place to express them selves. If you think of something useful and it is not there, then you, probably are the one who is supposed to do it. So I am.

You will not find pop or mainstream music and definitely you will not find the same old, same old. Here is where we hope to build a place you can discover new feelings, sounds and songs.

More information to come….
Stay off Kilter!
Eva O


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