We NEED your help

Thank you all who have given support to “The Rise Of Eva O” tour. We have made it home. We had one major set back, that was when my wheel almost fell off due to, 2 lugnuts that snapped off.

Sorry, San Antonio for the last minute date change. Thank you for coming out with such late notice.
This is my first post since getting back. I need a bit of time to get my thoughts together, let the dust settle.
This weekend I will sit and type a complete post and acknowledgment/review of my tour. For now, I will leave it at “it was awesome and great to know I have such quality fans. I had a wonderful time. Can’t wait to do it again!
On another note:
Now that I am back and the tour is officially over I am still working on reaching my “GO FUND ME” goal. I can’t wait to get my studio work done and manufacture my new CD “The Rise of Eva O”!

Please click link below and read, donate and share this campaign.
Thank you
Eva O

Yesterdays Pain

I am overwhelmed to be moving forward in peace. Love I am part. I hear the enemy, I push it back, eye forward, awake, I will see you. We are able to walk away from the prison guard for now… run, research, be free!

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