Hot off the thought..Hot off the press.

a comment turned blog post…
Sometimes we write and it all comes out exactly the way you needed it to. I know most problems in life are not meant on purpose, it is due to lack of knowing. Communication, lack of. It is hard to speak up sometimes people just let it happen and move on.
Sometimes it is just because you never could get the words to flow right. It happens.

One important and personal subject to me is how people look down at an artist, a creator, a person who just wants to live life the way they know is theirs. Maybe it comes from an old way of thinking. What ever it is it has stuck! The stigma of tattoos is far gone but an artist is still discouraged.

So here is an artists view on this money thing.
It is hard for the music artist, any way they try to put food on their table they are told they are ripping off people, sell outs, but no one has a problem listening for free or downloading, trading, getting on the guest list ect. ect… It seems no one remembers that this is our life, that we put lots of money and time  into it, which equals money. I put all I  have into it. Hoping on tour or the release of an item the fans will finally shell out some cash for your contribution to their entertainment.
This is just so we can do it again and put out more and get out on the road. It cost a lot of money. Gas is not the only expense we have, we sleep, we wear clothes, we sometimes have children. That is just the life part. Then you have the other things to make it work don’t get me started. The list is long..
$25 I see people daily spending that on fast food. One movie ticket cost that. We gladly spend money on corporation produced items, soulless music and a toxic life. When it comes to the artist, we call them sell outs, if they want to live off their life. I’m just saying, doesn’t the artist deserve a life also.
Eva O

 Warning # 3 – Not enough hours in a day! It’s here W31R – Ward 31 Radio


I am very proud to anounce that on December the 26th 2014 ready or not…I will launch Ward 31 Internet Radio. Been working on this for a long while. As of now we have 5 Hosts:
Exclusive Morgana Black
She is her own boss. Always right, a matter of fact that is
the beauty of her show. She’s right and you are WRONG!!!
Tune in to hear Ward 31’s Exclusive Morgana as she shares the tunes
that make opinions spin..

Henry Kane
Macabre Bedtime Stories
Detective mags, 70’s Horror/Aliens and Shadow People ooooh my!
Dim your surroundings and sit back, let your vivid imagination
of your inner mind take over, search for your soul, as you listen
to these creepy, prophetic, and eerie Sounds from the Beyond….

Tony X
WOLFPAK / Club Heretics

Ryan Mckern
Dethroned Intoxication

Adian Caine and The Grim

Killadelphia’s horror comedy show focusing on all things underground… 6 ft  underground! Featuring music, news and interviews from the dark alternative culture.

Eva O
Her Collection, from travels and encounters.
2015 more will be aboard the Ward. On “W31R” one of our goals is to bring a bit of all parts of the world to the listener. As many can be admitted that many can be fitted.

Ward 31 Radio is for the Audio Artist. This is words, sounds, music, noise and any other Artists manipulation with sound. It could be a beautiful song, it got be a subtle tone, it could be vulgar and angry, it could be plane dark. An artist should be able to have a place to express them selves. If you think of something useful and it is not there, then you, probably are the one who is supposed to do it. So I am.

You will not find pop or mainstream music and definitely you will not find the same old, same old. Here is where we hope to build a place you can discover new feelings, sounds and songs.

More information to come….
Stay off Kilter!
Eva O


Life is best when you create it, not wait for it. It’s a life not a movie.

Eva O

I chose entertainment as my life long career. As a child I guess I bought into the romance/fantasy of being discovered. This is something that “if ever was”, happened in days gone past. In the beginning of recording, and movie studios. The business would literally buy people to live and work for their studios. “These were the Starlets”, They would conduct how the Star was to behave, dress and socialize. On the TV/Radio front they were like the cheerleaders for the entertainment companies. This is in my words, the way I see it.
In the sixties/seventies I believe, was really the last of that fantasy. Like an abusive relationship. It all looked good on the outside but from within, you were nothing really, but a slave. From a creative artists heart, it is stifling to not be able to express true creation. The flow is deadened. For the buck you have to alter, restrict and listen to what you have been told on how your creativity should be like to please the way they see to fit the $.

As I became a teen this fantasy became stronger, and my mind would wonder off dreaming of that day I would be discovered. Then as an adult I worked at it, being the stubborn person I am I would not alter my heart expression and I would only concentrate on the music not the business thinking that someone else will do this. Once I am discovered.

Time passes and you see collegues pass, getting record deals and making it “BIG”. In examining their life and other mainstream, pop star and rock stars. You will see no one has success unless they work there ass off for it. I realize nobody is “LUCKY” they didn’t wake up successful. It always entails hard work and giving of your life.

In thinking further it is the same thing that applies to relationships. You being brought up to think that “THE ONE” will come along and life will be grand. The perfect love is the same fantasy as being discovered. Nobody just gets lucky and finds “THE ONE” it is work. Two people willing to work together as one unit. Both sides have to want to work at it on the same grounds and have the same goals on what they see, each others life becoming.

This is why it is much tougher for people who are battling mental illness and works out better for the healthy minded people. Relationships have to be balanced or one side will feel un loved. In the days gone past it was normal to conduct abusive relationships. In all forms. In the new view of life we try to be fair and civil for the most part.

To have a healthy relationship is not luck, it is work. Can’t just lay around thinking someone is going to knock at your door and discover you. Not going to happen.

It also applies to any business. Success is a form of communication and communication applies to every action in our lives. If we want to live it, we have to get up and make it happen. If we don’t care our bodies will slowly corrupt like as if the body is saying do you really not care? I’m giving you another chance to save your self”. If no action is done the body deteriorates till you are crippled and then die.

Eva O