October is here 2014

Here is a list of Deathstruction Production videos that we have created so far this year. Eva O went to Mexico city and that is it for travel. Deathstruction Production has relocated to Las Vegas and is busy with 2 new projects in the works:

The people who attended the Mexico City show and Bats appearance are the only ones who saw Eva O MDX1. Eva O chooses to keep this line up exclusive and she is not doing anymore with her project MDX1 instead she will be concentrating on solo Eva O work. 

Eva O will be releasing the CD “Cold as Far” once the funding is there. Deathstruction Production will be adding a DONATE button for Artist support. This is an independent company all support welcome to keep the NEW DARK ARTS alive.
More to come.
Thank you,
Vera Meticuli

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Eva O MDX1 Mental Mayhem

January 13, 2014

Released  Mister Death Live footage from the Mexico City Show in Club Atlantico. I was given this recording to upload and am very grateful that Scott Greg Cruz asked me before posting this performance. He gave me the choice. Thank You!

If anyone else has shows of me on video or backstage on any footage and want it to be included in my work. Feel free to send me an email. I will give you filming credit.

This gives me opportunity to use my editing skills. Live footage is never the same as seeing it go down at the moment. So I think it is very important to edit and dress it up according to the song. Represent the song to as close as you can to get the message across. I am an artist that doesn’t want to cheat my audience out of an experience. If I can make happen I will.

So here it is:

Even though the setting is not right to represent this song. I feel this performance is much like a being, when confronted you meet the first layer, second, third, you then are at the soul the root of the pain that paints its journey to freedom.

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December 24, 2013 Spider’s Web Zine

Spider’s Web Magazine Issue 20
An exclusive interview with Eva O past present future and the subject MDX1
We got the front cover You can Check and purchase it out through the link below.


November 2, 2013 MDX DEBUT SHOW

Flight delayed from the 1st to the 2nd, the day of our show, Some idiot whom decided to express his anger towards random airline workers in the worst way possible.


I made it back here’s the break down.
4 hours to airport
1 hours in lot C
8 hours in line
5 hours sleep
Note no food or drink in these hours
20 mins to LAX
1 hour check in
3 hours to houston
1 hour to layover
11/2 hour to Mexico City
30 mins to hotel
30 mins to get dressed
No sound check
No food
No drinks
Play show
Drink 2 diet pepsi
1 bottle water
Couple bites of circle K over micro pizza. Very gross.
7 hours at club
Go to hotel
Sleep 2 hours
2 hours in line they lost our return flight. Had to wait they gave us stand by tickets. The night mare hadn’t ended yet.
3 hours to LA
3 hours drive home
I felt defeated.
Excuse me while I disapear to lick my wounds.
I am so glad and great full for the people in Mexico City they are so sweet to me. I really wish I could of stayed at least an afternoon there. So no I didn’t get to see the pyramids or eat tacos. — feeling tired.
EVAOCROWD-MX13-1Photo by Robert Flores

EVAOSCAR-LIVE-MX13sPhoto by Robert Flores

EVAOSCAR-LIVE-MX13s-Photo by Robert Flores
scar-eva-mx-13-livePhoto by Robert Flores
EVAO-LIVE-MX13Photo by Robert Flores