Funeral Home 22 ~ A Grim Encounter

The Art of Grim.
Death is ever before me

This performance opportunity came to me and it was my cue to start my journey with a new sound and atmosphere. Being true to the heart, going to the depth of deep macabre expression. Without holding back, due to worldly opinion. It has begun.

On October 29th I will be performing my new unreleased work. This is a book release party, for Maggie St. Thomas’ photography book. I hope you can make it. It will be at Shore Line funeral home 5443 Long Beach Blvd in Long Beach, CA. Doors open at 830 pm. I go on at 11 pm. All ages.
A step away from popular thought but closer to human expression. To me, macabre is deep beauty.

Love from above.
Eva O